Dear YuMMies,

Let’s get to the heart of the matter. “You Matter” is a matter of the heart. When your heart is full of kindness, you give it to others and you don’t have less for yourself, you have more. It’s the same when you make a gift to the You Matter Marathon. You give, and others benefit from the opportunity to spread more kindness in the world. Then you live in a kinder world! What could be better?

“These cards are life changing, truly. I shared some of the cards I received with others and there were tears as they shared some of their own stories of card sharing with me. Strangers lifting up strangers!”

Because of you, the You Matter movement is growing exponentially. We had more than 13,000 email subscribers in 2021 – a 230% increase over 2020!

Help us grow on by making a gift today. We need your support to meet the increasing demand for You Matter cards and keep the impact of You Matter growing. Then we all benefit.

A gift of $100 provides cards for eight new participants;
$150 provides cards for 12 new participants;
You get the idea.

Your gift of any size is always appreciated.

Thank you for spreading kindness and building positive connections by supporting the You Matter Marathon! You fill our world with kindness and my heart with joy.

You Matter!



Cheryl Rice, Founder

The You Matter Marathon will recognize the generosity of our 2022 donors at the following levels:
Smile – $1-$49
Grin – $50-$99
Twinkle – $100-$249
Beam – $250-$499
Laugh – $500-$999
Happy Dance – $1,000 and up

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