About the You Matter Marathon

The You Matter Marathon (YMM) is creating and enriching positive connections between people and within communities by inviting people to share You Matter cards.

Over 302,741 people from all 50 states and 100 countries have shared over 2 million cards. This year we’re determined to reach 3 million!

The results are astounding.  61% of participants report that they achieve a greater sense of gratitude and enhanced connection with others.  51% report enhanced compassion for others; and 50% achieve enhanced levels of personal happiness.  The lesson?  One small gesture and two small words can help forge connections and spread kindness, compassion, and happiness.

How the You Matter Marathon Works

Individuals or organizations sign up to receive 10 You Matter cards in the mail, free of charge.  Participants are invited to join our Facebook group to connect with other You Matter Marathoners.  Participants receive weekly emails sharing our progress and inspiring stories.


How You Can Participate

  1. Sign up! Click on the Sign Up button below.
  2. You can participate as an individual or as an ambassador for a group like a school or business.
  3. Individuals who sign up will receive 10 free You Matter cards (while supplies last).
  4. Once you sign up you’ll receive an email confirming your participation, and giving you all the information you need to have a great Marathon.

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