You Matter Moment of the Week

“I have shared YM cards both to unsuspecting recipients and through the Loving Kindness meditation group I facilitate (a small army of warm-hearted people).  Sadly, my card supply (and enthusiasm) dwindled and my YM sharing became few and far between.  I also became a bit shy (pandemic fallout?) to share the YM message, unsure as to how it would be received (and perceived).

Well, that ALL changed the other day!  I am a retired teacher and I substitute teach at the Neillsville High School from time to time.  Recently in class, I noticed an emotionally upset student (I didn’t make the situation any better when I initially gave her an, “I’m waiting for quiet so I can explain the lesson” stare).  She recovered with the support of her friends but I could see that she was still fragile & upset.

Earlier that morning I had grabbed a favorite book to bring to school, should there be down time for me to read.  While the students were quietly working I decided to read a few pages and miraculously the book mark was a long lost YM card!  Unsure if it was the right thing to do, I decided that I would slip the student the YM card just before she left class.  I was a little scared (and rusty) to give it to her but decided, “Why not?”…  The stars aligned and well naturally crossed paths so I silently handed her the YM card, smiled, & continued on.  She read it, put her hand to her mouth, allowed the tears to flow, hugged a friend, & showed her the card.  Mission accomplished!

Now I’m back on the YMM bandwagon and ready to share more cards and the YM message!”


What You Can Do

Did your story resonate? Remember how sharing the YM message brought you joy as you reminded someone of their worth? Pick up the practice again, one card at a time. Here’s how:

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You matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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