You Matter Moment of the Week

“I often find ways to leave a YM card for people where people don’t even know where it came from.

In 2017 at my father-in-law’s funeral (DE) it seemed so fitting to mention the YM cards. DE was always finding out the line server’s name, the janitor’s name at church, the grocery clerk, or anyone and everyone he encountered. He would also converse with them for a few minutes. If he ever saw them again he would remember their name and call them by name and ask how they were doing. He truly showed people they matter, so I related the You Matter cards to him that everyone could be a little bit like DE and let people know they matter. I had about 1500 cards in the foyer for people to take as many as they wanted to hand out to others and continue DE’s legacy. There were probably 100 people in attendance, but when I picked up the leftover cards, I think I had 500 left.

Some have taken them to students in school or church functions, I know the YM cards have become a regular item included in backpacks given to foster children who often don’t even have a suitcase of their own, etc.

Such wonderful outreach has developed. There is no running involved, but the forward progress is continual.”


What You Can Do

Together, we can create a ripple effect of kindness that touches countless lives. Let’s show the world that we all matter. Sign up for the Marathon today to receive your cards to hand out to those in your community.

Are you running low on cards? That is a great problem to have, and we have your solution. Buy more cards today!

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You matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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