February 17, 2023

Tomorrow is Random Acts of Kindness Day!

In celebration of RAOK Day here are a few special random acts of kindness offered by a few special YuMMies:

“A group of psychology students on our campus was participating in a “Random Acts of Kindness” event this past week – passing out treats and uplifting quotes at the entryway to the campus. I approached and accepted their offering and then had the joy of sharing a card with each of them. It was fun to add a twist to their activity – and be able to thank them for what they were doing for our community!” – Becki, Westminster, MD

“This has been such a wonderful experience! I was looking for random acts of kindness to do in the month of November because I read about World Kindness Day. I stumbled upon your site and am so glad I did. I shared the cards which, in many cases, prompted others to want to spread the word. This was a most amazing feeling. I can’t wait to participate next year.” – Anonymous.

“Last week, I was leaving You Matter cards in random locations at my job. (I work in a retirement community.) I put one in a section that my coworker takes care of. She asked if I put it there. At first, I said no but told her yes. It was for her. She thanked me. At the end of the shift, she told me “of all days to get something like this, today meant so much”. It was the anniversary of her mother’s passing. I began to cry and said I was sorry for her loss. She said she didn’t mean to make me cry but she wanted me to know it helped her through the day.” – Victoria, Perkasie, PA

Heart Matters is Next Tuesday, Feb. 21
Stories We Love from the 2022 You Matter Marathon

Join YMM participants from around the globe as we share inspiring You Matter stories from the 2022 You Matter Marathon. It’s a wonderful opportunity to share your story of how a simple card with two powerful words – YOU MATTER – inspired hope, joy, and connection.

Date: Tuesday, Feb. 21st at 5 pm EST
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You matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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