I’ve been a year-round You Matter Marathon participant for about 5 years.
My wife and I enjoyed a meal at our local Mexican food restaurant where the waitstaff works as a team. I gave a card to our waitress and told her to give one to her support person. We saw her pull her assistant aside and give her the card. The assistant was not comfortable with her English, so the waitress came to the table with her to help her tell us how much that card means to her. She wanted us to each sign and date the card on the back. She was going back to visit her family soon and she was very excited that she received such a blessing. We did as she requested and that just added to an already enjoyable evening meal.

About a year later, we were at the same restaurant and our waitress was not working as a team that day. We gave her a You Matter card when she came back with our bill, she took the card and hugged it to her heart. She excitedly said (in very good English) “This is my second one you gave me. I have the other one on my dresser, so it is the first thing I see in the morning and I look at it every day when I leave to come to work. I love this! Thank you so much.”

I think she was going to give the new card to her child. Sometimes the little things mean so much. It reminds me that small acts of kindness do matter.
A good reminder that I also Matter.

–Danny, Fulshear, TX

What You Can Do
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You matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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