As Labor Day approaches, You Matter Marathon is reminded of how impactful spreading the YOU MATTER message while working can be.

Proof, straight from our YuMMies.

“I work in e-commerce and recently spent time with our hourly associates – these people braved the pandemic and worked 60-hour weeks on their feet. I realized I had brought YOU MATTER cards with me and was able to write all the new hires user information on them – it was so appropriate and perfect!”

“A co-worker died accidentally a few weeks ago. The last connection I had with her was to leave the YOU MATTER card on her computer. She probably saw it as she left for home that day – in some small way I hope that the card gave her joy. I think of that often.”

“I gave the security guard at work a YOU MATTER card. The look on his face was “priceless.” He thanked me repeatedly. The next day he thanked me again and pulled the card out of his top pocket of his shirt. It touched my heart.”

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We wish everyone a safe and peaceful Labor Day!

Remember, YOU MATTER!


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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