You Matter.

Giving and receiving a YOU MATTER card can be life changing.
Enjoy these inspiring stories and meaningful resources.



In late February 2023, I was in New York City for a short visit. It was my last day there, and I was walking down the sidewalk in midtown Manhattan with my sister and her partner.

We were walking to the subway station and passed by a homeless man lying on the sidewalk, next to the curb. When we reached the corner, I said to my sister, “Wait here for a minute. I have to go back.” I ran back to where he lay. He was holding a cardboard sign on which he had written the words, “Giving up hope.”

I approached him slowly and leaned down to look him in the eye. I said, “Don’t give up hope,” and gave him my biggest, brightest smile. Then I handed him a “You Matter” card and waited while he read it. 

When he had finished, he looked up at me and smiled. Something indescribable connected us, and in that moment, it felt as though I was looking straight into the eyes of God.

I cannot tell this story without crying; the feeling was that powerful. Since that moment, I have thought about that gentleman often, wondering if I made a difference in his life. I know he absolutely made a difference in mine.

– Diana, Northfield, VT

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