You Matter.

Giving and receiving a YOU MATTER card can be life changing.
Enjoy these inspiring stories and meaningful resources.

“We’ve enjoyed distributing the “you matter” cards! Our crazy world needs all the kindness it can get, now more than ever. I purchased 1,000 of them to hand out in packs of 30 for others to share. I’m sharing them with project managers everywhere I volunteer in San Antonio: The Refugee Center, homeless shelters, food banks, etc. I always leave them with tips too.This past weekend our young waiter starting crying when I gave him one. Words are powerful, and loneliness is an epidemic in our society. People need to know they truly matter and someone sees them.”


Featured Resource

Our featured resource of the month is the article “Why Kindness Matters” written by wellness scholar Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe. This article highlights the importance of kindness, going beyond mere politeness to encompass empathy and acting for the greater good.

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