You Matter Moment of the Week

Dear YuMMies,

With his permission, I’m delighted to share this inspiring story from Danny from Houston, TX.

          I became a YuMMie in your first year and have continued giving about 5-10 You Matter cards out each month since then. When I first started, I was out of work. Handing out cards helped me feel useful in the world.

          Once I started working, I secretly placed a card on every person’s desk in the new workplace (about 200 cards). Eighteen months later, our company relocated, and I noticed that MANY people kept their You Matter card and still have them on their desks!

          During the Hurricane Harvey flood, I lost my home and all my possessions. But when I got into an apartment, one of my first purchases was a new supply of YM cards. I needed the constant reminder that I Matter as I struggled with the losses, and I needed the emotional boost of reminding others that they matter, too.

          I’ve shared the YM message and cards to groups as well. Each time, people wanted more cards and the message was extremely well received.

          One person passed the YM card to a ministry that gives foster children backpacks with essential supplies. The ministry was ecstatic to get the cards. They had been looking for a way to let the kids know that they matter, and this was a simple, yet profound way to do that. A card is now packed in each backpack.

          The cards were also translated into Spanish for a ministry that helps children from impoverished countries come to the US to receive prosthetic limbs. They are flown to US by donated funds, housed with volunteer foster homes, and treated pro bono from doctors who do the work and donors pay for the prosthetics and other costs. It is quite an effort and such a comfort for them to be able to let the children know that others are helping them because children with missing limbs matter.

          Blessings to you and to your efforts. You have touched my soul and I have tried to pass it forward.

          —Danny from Houston, TX

You matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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