You Matter Moment of the Week

Dori from Lincoln, NE

“I have distributed hundreds of cards. Giving someone a “You Matter” card is the easiest way in the world to communicate with ANYONE! Pretty easy to determine who might need a card- everyone!

I always give a card to workers in the food drive-through windows and to waiters/waitresses in restaurants. Twice over the years, the recipient has shown me that they have put the card in their order folder. Often, I will tell a recipient to put the card somewhere that they will often see it. I’ll tell them that I have one on MY bathroom mirror as a reminder that I matter, too!

It’s the best feeling in the world to have someone look into your eyes and tell you that they really needed those two words that day! That’s a heck of a return on my small “investment”!

Apparently, I’ve distributed a lot of YM cards! Once in a while, I’ll give one to someone who says, “You’ve given me one before!” Of course, I tell them that now, it’s their turn to give a card to someone.”


What You Can Do

Just like Dori, we believe that everyone deserves to hear that they matter. It’s a simple message with the power to brighten someone’s day. You can be a part of spreading that positivity! Here’s how:

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  • Help us continue to share the You Matter magic and donate today.

You matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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