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Debbie’s students in Boca Raton, FL

“Each of our 5th graders and their teachers gave out at least one card. To date, we have given out over 100 cards in the Boca Raton, FL area of South Florida.

This is our first year participating in this project. As our 5th graders get ready to move on to Middle School next year, they wanted to start a project that could serve as their legacy for the future 5th graders at Pine Crest School. It was important to us that the project promotes leadership and care and concern for our community and the world around them.

You Matter Marathon has given us the opportunity to take time to really think about what it means to matter, and it has had a profound effect on our school community and beyond. One student saw a child playing alone at a local park and his card helped him spark a conversation with that child. Some students gave their cards to previous teachers or friends, and many gave them to family members. Some of our faculty gave to caregivers, such as nurses and doctors or employees of local stores that they frequent. The consensus was that each card made the recipient feel good and lifted their spirits.

Another interesting thing that the students also noticed was that many people were not accustomed to getting a compliment. This led to a great discussion and we concluded that perhaps that meant we need to give compliments or express our gratitude for others more often.

The You Matter cards are a physical reminder for me to take an extra few minutes here and there to express my gratitude towards others for how they have impacted my life. While I always say please and thank you, I feel like the cards help me to show appreciation for others in a more meaningful way. While this is something we all know and understand, actually doing it, is another thing altogether. I definitely feel lighter and happier each time I share one with someone in a meaningful way.
While we originally gave each student only one card to use with the intention of really thinking about who it would go to and why. Since then, the students have asked or created more on their own and in a very short time, the ripple effect has quadrupled, to say the least!”


What You Can Do

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You matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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