You Matter Moment of the Week

“I passed out You Matter cards with beautiful quotes and parts of poems. A wide variety too; about strength, perseverance, never giving up, treating others with kindness, to keep a beautiful spirit, “this too shall pass”, “you are stronger than you know.”

I always write a little note, quote, or part of a poem on it. Encouraging, uplifting, happy notes, sympathetic notes. I carry a stack in my purse. I carry a small card from my grandmother (my truest friend in life) that was full of love and encouragements from her. I pull it out and read it almost every day. So I thought maybe someone else could use something similar.

Sometimes people just need a word of encouragement to get through the rest of their day.”


What You Can Do

Join the ripple effect. Let’s fill the world with uplifting messages and positivity. Here’s how:

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You matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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