You Matter Moment of the Week

“I have been a volunteer at my local hospital for the past 12 years. Today when I checked in and got on the elevator, there was a gentleman getting off the elevator on the same floor as me. We had a short greeting.

A little while later, I was walking over to another area of the building and I saw the man coming down the hall looking very distressed. He said he just got some bad news and needed a quiet place to make a phone call. I walked him to the nearest waiting area so he could make his call. I left him and said I would be back shortly.

When I came back I directed him back to the area he came from. I went about my duties, and a little later I saw him come out of the room crying. I went over to him and took him to the lobby area again. There he informed me that he had just been told that his daughter had just been diagnosed with cancer, it was very sudden and unexpected.

I sat with him for awhile to talk, then I moved away so he could make his phone calls. After awhile I walked him back to the room. I continued on with my duties, and a couple hours later, I went downstairs to check out for the day, and he was sitting in that lobby. We talked a bit and he said was waiting while his daughter underwent another procedure to see how far advanced the cancer was.

I knew I had a small packet of You Matter cards in my car, I went and got them and returned to him, gave him one with my first name and the date, and I gave him the rest of the packet so that he could give one to his daughter and to whomever else he desired. He was very grateful for the attention that I paid to him and for listening, as he was alone to hear this sad news. He called me an Angel and thanked me for everything. We did not exchange phone numbers, but I will remember this incident forever, as I am sure that he will.


What You Can Do

We all have the potential to be an angel for someone facing hardship.  Here’s how:

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You matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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