You Matter Moment of the Week

In the spirit of, “you never know when a You Matter moment is going to come along,” I wanted to share a recently submitted and quite unique You Matter story. During a less-than-pleasant run in at a drive through, Lisa from Georgia made a split-second decision that would not only change the course of her day, but someone else’s too.

One day while at a fast food drive-through…

I had ordered and was proceeding forward to the ongoing horn-blowing of a lady who, apparently, was in a hurry. Not only was she blowing her horn, but she was also pressing the gas pedal as if she were going to hit my car with hers.

Right then, I told myself, “I’m going to fix this little lady.”

I got to the payment window, paid for her breakfast, and left a You Matter Card at the window for the cashier to present to her. Sure enough, at the red light, here comes the little horn-blowing lady – window wide open and beeping as she hurries by – but this time she is smiling, yelling “Thank You!”, and waving until she disappears.

Never in a million years did I think this card could change the entire course of a person’s day. Not only her day, but mine as well.

Next time you find yourself in a frustrating situation like this, try taking an unexpected approach of kindness like Lisa! You may be surprised by how far one simple act of kindness can go.

You matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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