You Matter Moment of the Week

“I have personally witnessed the power of a little card in delighting and empowering others.

The first thing I noticed about Joshua was his sparkling eyes behind the mask. My husband, Harold, and I were doing our weekly “geezer” grocery shopping at Walmart in Richland, Washington. Joshua asked if he could assist me in finding something in the produce section. His warmth and friendliness were palpable.

I had a few “You Matter” cards in my pocket. I handed him one. He looked at it and immediately had tears in his eyes. He said, “Each morning when I am awakened by the alarm on my phone, it says ‘You are enough.’” Then I had tears in my eyes, too! He is very special, and more than enough… I told Joshua how he could obtain his own set of cards, which he promptly did. Now, he is sharing the “You Matter” message with those he connects with…just like our first encounter.

We’re YuMMie buddies for life!

So happy to participate every year, and to see the number of individuals, organizations, country representations, and the number of distributed cards grow!”

— Deborah, Richland, WA

You matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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