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Cards Leigh handed out to the nurses at Jefferson Oncology

“I have been giving these out for some time now. This morning we made cards for the AMAZING nurses at Jefferson Oncology infusion lab here in Philadelphia, PA. My husband was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer and we have been coming here so that he can get his treatments. We are beyond grateful for the care that he has received here and have been touched by all of the infusion nurses. I brought them all cards and we hope that they remember how much THEY MATTER to the families who are going through cancer. This process for the individual as well as their loved ones and families is life-changing, but they have all been angels and we are truly grateful for them.

I love giving these cards out and seeing the reaction on the face of the receipt. It is a little card with such a big statement. I am so happy to be giving these cards out. I also started giving the recipients cards to give out as they please as well. I want them to see reactions like I have seen- one smile goes a long way.

I share these cards with so many people who are struggling, and I started giving them some cards they can hand them out to people. They love to report back to me about their stories and how it makes them feel better too. This is so nice to hear!

I love being part of such an influential movement. I give the cards out in every setting I can-it is just amazing and it just makes me feel happier to give them out.”


What You Can Do

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You matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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