You Matter Moment of the Week

Christina with the first You Matter card she received

“You Matter is a beautiful thing and more people should participate. This world has become such an ugly and scary place. People canbe so mean and judgmental. You Matter shows people that there are still people in the world with beautiful souls that love one another the way God wants us to. I participate because I love to see people’s happy loving expression for that one moment and to know that for a moment someone’s day was brightened by a kind gesture or words. It could have been the best part of their whole day.

Sharing the cards (and just even speaking kind truthful words when I don’t have the cards) has brightened up a lot of people’s days. They have told me that the words I’ve spoken were the nicest they’ve heard that day or in a long time.

Sharing the cards has impacted my life because it’s opened my eyes to how such a small gesture can be such a MAJOR IMPACT to someone else, it could be the most important thing they hear or receive.”


What You Can Do

Spread kindness, one card at a time! Join You Matter Marathon and witness the impact of your positive actions. Here’s how you can contribute:

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You matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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