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Happy New Year!

Thank you for sharing 205,000 You Matter cards throughout the world last year.

This movement started after my life-changing encounter with a woman in a grocery store parking lot 9 years ago.

Because people like you believe in the power of these two words – You Matter – it’s flourished beyond anything I could have imagined.

For seven of our eight years, we’ve been a fiscally sponsored non-profit organization. We did this to help raise funds for our mission. And for a while, it made sense. But in the past few years it’s actually yielded more administrative and financial costs than benefits. So, we’re returning to our roots by having the YMM once again be a non-revenue producing project of my business, Cheryl Rice Leadership.

Nothing about our mission will change.

In fact, more of the money raised through contributions and our store will go directly to keeping cards free.

This is crucial as:

  • Now more than ever we need to tell other people that they matter.
  • Now more than ever we need to remind ourselves that we matter.
  • Now more than every we need to resist our helplessness and do what we can…do what we must…to breakthrough the division, the noise, the othering and share this vital message.

Join me.
1. Sign up to receive your 10 free You Matter cards for 2024.
2. Donate. Every dollar given helps us send cards for free to people who need them.
3. Purchase more cards, t-shirts, and more through out store.

Thank you.

You matter.

If you share our goal of spreading this vital message and keeping You Matter cards free, please make a donation below.

Every donation amount matters and we appreciate your support.

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