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Dear YuMMies,

It’s been almost 9 years, yet I still remember the immediate and overwhelming flush of warmth that seized my heart the moment a colleague handed me a card with just two words: You Matter.

I’ve thought a lot about that moment – specifically why the card, the words, the gesture touched me so deeply. And I’ve come to believe the answer is quite simple. Painfully, astonishingly simple.

I didn’t know that I mattered.

Yes – I knew my family loved me. I knew I had friends, diplomas, and meaningful work. And perhaps I even knew intellectually that I mattered, but I didn’t feel it in my bones. Never had someone so simply and profoundly answered a question I didn’t even know I had. I matter.

I’m not alone.

Many of us receive internal or external messages telling us we don’t matter. Or that we matter only if we’re in a certain group, race, status, or gender.

I believe it’s our collective responsibility to remind each other of our significance.

And I know the world would be a more peaceful and joyful place if every human being knew that they mattered.

And I know you get it!

You: wonderful, generous, card-giving, human beings get how simple and powerful and essential it is to give and receive the You Matter message.

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Thank you!

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