You Matter Marathon is a powerful movement dedicated to spreading kindness and reminding everyone of their inherent worth. One of the most impactful ways to participate is to share You Matter cards. These two words on a little card reminding the card recipient that they are seen, valued, and important. Plus, sharing cards also enhances our own well-being.

But how do you ensure your You Matter cards reach the people who need them most? Here are 6 creative ways to share the You Matter magic with others:

  1. Spread kindness anonymously: Leave You Matter cards in unexpected places like library books, public benches, or coffee shop tables. The element of surprise can add an extra layer of joy to the discovery.
  2. Pay it forward: When someone does something kind for you, express your gratitude by handing them a You Matter card. It’s a beautiful way to show appreciation and inspire them to spread the kindness further.
  3. Organize a community event: Host a card-making session or distribution event where people can share You Matter cards with others in their community. This fosters a sense of connection and collective purpose.
  4. Partner with local organizations: Collaborate with schools, hospitals, shelters, or community centers to distribute You Matter cards to individuals who might benefit from a message of encouragement.
  5. Get creative online: Share digital versions of You Matter cards on social media platforms or use them as virtual backgrounds for online meetings. This broadens the reach of our message and inspires others to participate.
  6. Include them in care packages or gifts: Tuck a You Matter card into birthday gifts, thank-you notes, or even care packages for those facing difficult times. It adds a personal touch and offers a heartwarming message of support.

Remember, every act of kindness, no matter how small, has the potential to make a difference. By creatively sharing You Matter cards, you can contribute to a ripple effect of positivity and remind others that they truly matter.

You can join You Matter Marathon today and receive your first 10 cards for free. Need to restock your cards? Buy more from our store today!

You matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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