Exciting New You Matter Program!

She made a promise to herself to hold her own well-being sacred.
– Unknown

Dear You Matter Friends!

In response to many requests for inspiration on mattering to ourselves, our founder, Cheryl Rice, is offering an exclusive workshop series to our YMM community. You may not know this, but Cheryl is a seasoned leadership coach, and speaker who, when she’s not handing out You Matter cards, inspires people to be leaders in their own lives.


Workshop Series

Join us for our first You Matter Marathon group learning and coaching program devoted exclusively to your well-being.

Many of us intuitively know how to care for others yet struggle to consistently tend to ourselves. Yet our well-being is essential if we want to joyously and energetically spread the You Matter message.

This intimate, interactive program offers practical, proven, approaches for nurturing yourself so you can feel your best and do your best.

You’ll leave each session with tools to practice and build upon. And you’ll do it with the professional support of Cheryl and other wonderful YuMMies.

May 3, May 10, and May 17 from 6:00 – 7:15 pm EST.

Workshop 1: Self Care

  • Discover customized, practical ways to nurture yourself.

Workshop 2: Self Talk

  • Learn strategies for overcoming the voice of your inner critic.

Workshop 3: Self Compassion

  • Emerge with researched back tips for treating yourself kindly.

All workshops will take place on Zoom.

$199.00 for all three workshops*. The program is a series so plan to attend all 3 sessions.

Email Cheryl for details by April 26. Registration is limited.

Look forward to seeing you soon!

You matter.

* A portion of proceeds go towards You Matter Marathon

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