You Matter.

Giving and receiving a YOU MATTER card can be life changing.
Enjoy these inspiring stories and meaningful resources.

Featured You Matter Moment

You Matter cards translated in Russian and Ukrainian were recently included in medical kits sent to Ukraine. Volunteers assembled 5,000 medical kits and these kits are now making their way to Ukraine to be distributed to civilians.

 – Misho and Holly
University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing

You Matter Resources

Mental Health is a vital component of self-care and reminding yourself

The National Alliance on Mental Health is an excellent resource for support, advocacy, and education. 

June’s Featured YMM Sponsor

Jodi Silverman with Moms Who Dare

“The first time I heard about You Matter Marathon I knew I had to be involved. Handing out cards that have a simple message, YOU MATTER, has been one of the most powerful experiences for me.

There is nothing more important than telling perfect strangers and those you know well, that they are seen and that they absolutely matter. What Cheryl has created is important and is changing lives for all who dare to give out the cards and through their sponsorships.”

– Jodi Silverman –

Did you know the YMM grew by 406% in 2021. That’s not a typo, we gave out over 295k You Matter cards last year.

We are on track to beat those numbers in 2022. Join us in spreading You Matter magic!

We need movements rooted in love right now, movements powered not by difference and exclusion and punishment, but by common ground, compassion, humility, healthy boundaries, patience and healing.

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