Let’s keep the marathon going!

We’re jumping for joy and gratitude as our community continues to grow by leaps and bounds! Our YMM community currently has 7,000 individuals and 147 organizations from 100 countries.

That’s over 18,000 people spreading You Matter magic this year!

YMM Story
I find it important not to push myself to give out a certain number but to offer them as my intuition leads. I didn’t give them all out in November, but I thought a lot about sharing the You Matter message in other ways too by using my own words and gestures. I think this marathon is important!
–YMM Participant

You Matter Marathon Week Six All Year!
We’re proud to remind you that the You Matter Marathon continues all year long!

As always, please feel welcome to post your YM stories and photos in our website Guest Book or Facebook Group! Your stories inspire us.

You matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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