Thanks to the generous advocacy of Sarah Tachon, one of our long time YuMMies, Wisconsin is getting a warm dose of kindness with the brand new Spread Goodness Day! This year, Governor Evers declared March 8th as the official Spread Goodness Day in the state.

Sarah, a passionate YuMMie for the last 6 years, highlights the strong connection the holiday has with the You Matter Marathon. Sarah emphasizes the core message: reminding individuals of their importance and fostering a sense of belonging. Sarah mentions You Matter Marathon during the Spread Goodness Day proclamation, which you can watch here.

Students celebrating Spread Goodness Day

There were plenty of fun events that were planned for the day. Teachers in the school district were given donuts. Students were encouraged to wear yellow while they passed out You Matter cards with baked goods. There was live music at three local nursing homes. Police officers also read to 3rd graders and delivered yellow flowers to the older adults in the community.

Spread Goodness Day may be over for this year, but the opportunity to create a kinder world continues every day. Here are some fun ways to spread goodness in your community:

      • Volunteer for causes you care about.
      • Give back to local charities.
      • Mentor a young person.
      • Organize a community cleanup.
      • Perform random acts of kindness, big or small.

How can you get others involved in sharing goodness and the You Matter message in your community? Encourage those around you to join the You Matter Marathon, an initiative dedicated to reminding individuals of their worth and fostering a sense of belonging. Visit to learn more and get involved in spreading kindness on a larger scale.

Remember, every act of goodness, big or small, contributes to a brighter future for all.

You matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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