Happy New Year!

Hope you’re taking good care of yourselves to start 2024.

Thanks again for all you did to make the 2023 You Matter Marathon a huge success. We had 18,642 total participants and 153 Ambassador organizations from all 50 states, and 21 countries. It was an amazing year for the You Matter Marathon.

Below are some highlights from the 2023 You Matter Marathon Feedback Survey:

Top 3 reasons why people signed up for the You Matter Marathon

  1. To express kindness in a new way.
  2. To express gratitude in a new way.
  3. To share the words, “You Matter” with others.

Top 4 reported gains from participating in the YMM

  1. A greater sense of gratitude in my life, and increased compassion for others.
  2. Enhanced connections with other people.
  3. A different perspective on other people.
  4. Increased level of happiness.
Additionally, 93% of responding respondents plan to continue sharing You Matter Cards


We received so many stories and comments! Here are some highlights:

  • I know I’ve had more than my fair share of times in which I could’ve used these words from someone, anyone in fact, in my lifetime. “You matter,” can take someone from all the way at rock bottom, all the way up to standing back on their feet, if only someone, anyone cares enough to let them know, that they do matter.
  • You Matter means a lot to me because I have a non-profit where we take donations of all sorts and give everything back to the community and surrounding communities. You matter because we couldn’t do it without the help of YOU!
  • I love this entire concept! I shared cards with some Americorps volunteers that were helping to provide income tax preparation for seniors, a friend who was questioning her life choices, my son, my two grandchildren (teenagers). And a fellow volunteer at the hospice where I also do volunteer work every Thursday, a waitress who was exceptionally kind and thoughtful. I keep them in my purse so I can easily and promptly recognize someone’s talents.
  • I just loved the surprise on the face of a deli service person when I traded the card for the package of shrimp that she wrapped for me. At first, she looked drawn and tired. But she was beaming when she read the card, and said, “Can I give you a hug?” I said, “Of course.” It was a sparkling moment of joy for both of us.

Four Ways to Continue Sharing You Matter Cards

  1. Order more You Matter cards from our store.
  2. Print more You Matter cards.
  3. Download our Digital You Matter card.
  4. Join our Facebook group to connect with other YuMMies and get inspiration on new ways to share cards.

Please continue posting your You Matter experiences and photos on our website or FB page.


You matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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