The Magic and Mystery of a You Matter Card

When you give someone a You Matter card
you never know the hurt
they may have recently been through
or the self-doubt they’re going through.

Maybe an ordinary day; maybe not.

And when not, the card can become a game changer.
Last week I was in an office and I could sense that all was not right with the woman helping me.
You know how that can be, I’m sure you’ve been there, sensed that.

Anyway, when I left I thanked her, took a You Matter card out of my car and went back to give it to her.
She looked at it, felt it, turned it over, looked at me, and turned away.

No words.  Didn’t need any.

Then as I started to leave I saw the tears in her eyes as she taped the card up on a bulletin board behind her desk.
For a moment she just looked at it. And then she sat down.

Can one little card make that big a difference?
You better believe it can.
The magic.
The mystery.
You Matter.

–Howard from Devon, PA

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You Matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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