Dear YuMMies,

Opportunities for kindness don’t always come to you on a silver platter. Often you have to take risks when you see an opening for a kindness – and sometimes they don’t pay off – but when they do, you’ve struck gold.

This story came to me a few days ago and I want to share it with you.

Yesterday afternoon I was walking the loop at a park near me and I saw a young woman sitting on a bench and it seemed that she was sad but I put that thought away and kept walking.

I passed her a second time and a third and each time I passed her I was working up the courage to give her a You Matter card that I carry with me when I  see an opportunity.

But here I was a shaggy haired senior citizen who hadn’t had a haircut for two months thinking about approaching a beautiful young woman.

Finally I said screw it and I walked up to her and handed her the card and mumbled something about what it meant and said I would keep walking.

And then I saw that she was crying and she said how much getting that card at that moment meant to her because her daughter was having a crisis of confidence and she would give her the card and then she said Thank You Thank You Thank You and she smiled the slightest smile and I turned and took a deep breath and continued walking grateful that I hadn’t made a fool of myself grateful that I took a chance.

Oh my.

Howard from Devon, PA

You Matter.

Cheryl Rice, Founder

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