“I first learned of the You Matter project in late 2021 and was immediately excited. I‘ve lived in 4 different states during my adult years and always strive to make whatever little corner of the world I live a better place. I try to keep cash in my car and wallet all the time just in case I run across someone who is homeless or otherwise in need.

As a social worker, humanitarian, and Christian, I believe it is our responsibility to care for those in need and those who are less fortunate than we. In late 2020, I started putting together “Kindness Kits” for people in need of a little help and kindness. We keep several of these little kits in our cars. In the past year and a half, we have given away at least a dozen Kindness Kits, and they are always very well received.

Once I heard about the You Matter Marathon, I knew instantly I wanted to include these in our Kindness Kits. We also give them to the delivery drivers who frequent our house and wait staff at restaurants when we eat out!

I cannot begin to describe the joy people have expressed at receiving the You Matter cards. What a wonderful, easy way to brighten someone’s day and let people know that they are seen, heard, acknowledged, appreciated, and that their lives matter. They have been such a huge hit that I had to order more cards to give out! Both my husband and I will continue to share them and promote your wonderful project. Thank you so much for all the light, joy, and kindness you add to the world.”

~ Kathleen “Kathy” Hernandez
San Antonio, TX

What You Can Do
If you have a memorable You Matter Marathon story that you would like to share, we would love to read it. Please send an email to [email protected].

Let’s spread the YMM magic even further in 2022. Invite your friends, colleagues, and neighbors to sign up for free cards today.

You matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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