Dear YuMMies,

A few weeks ago we shared highlights from of our 2021 Post YMM Survey including some inspiring comments. As promised, this week we’re sharing a few more of your comments and reminding you how you can get more You Matter cards.


Stories & Comments Part 2

  • I LOVE giving You Matter cards to absolutely anyone! I always keep a dozen in my wallet. Gave one to each flight attendant one as I deplaned on two flights over the holidays. Reactions were AMAZING! Everyone needs a card they can see each day!
  • The impact these cards are having are life changing, truly. I have a team with which I shared some of the cards I received; there were tears as they shared some of their own stories of card sharing. Strangers lifting up strangers.
  • I truly enjoyed participating in YMM and plan on continuing in the new year. Thank you for creating such a wonderful community and I can’t wait to hand out more/send more card.
  • Thank you for everything. At first, I didn’t believe you would send the cards by mail. When I got them, it was a wonderful surprise. I had to write in the back of each card the translation to Spanish, because where I live almost nobody speaks English.
  • I don’t only give the You Matter cards in November, but I do it throughout the year and it’s been a blessing to me and to others I am sure. Just to see people’s reaction (smile, disbelief) when presented with the card is priceless! It makes me happy.
  • I am working in a library and made colorful bookmarks with the words “you matter” on them. The students have picked those up so quickly. I will have to make a new batch.
  • I had a great time. I love doing things just like these. I created some Hearts to pass out years ago, and it is very similar to the You Matter cards – anytime, anywhere, to any person for any reason. I know not all of them will be “seen”, however if I can change one person’s day this will have been worthwhile.

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You matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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