Happy New Year!

Hope you’re taking especially good care of yourselves to start 2023.

Thanks again for all you did to make the 2022 YMM a huge success. We had 11,099 total participants and 295 Ambassador organizations from all 50 states, and 99 countries. It was a record year for the You Matter Marathon.

Below are some highlights from the 2022 YMM Feedback Survey.

Top 3 reasons why people signed up for the YMM

  1. To express kindness in a new way
  2. To share the words, “You Matter” with others
  3. To express gratitude in a new way

Top 4 reported gains from participating in the YMM

  1. A greater sense of gratitude in my life
  2. Increased compassion for others
  3. Increased level of happiness
  4. Enhanced connections with other people
Additionally, 85% of respondents plan to continue sharing You Matter cards!

We received over 5 pages of stories and comments! Here are some highlights:

  • I gave a card to a bell ringer for the Salvation Army who was standing in frigid weather for hours. She cried and held my hands tightly in response.
  • I give You Matter cards to our abused women’s shelter. They need to know they are worthy of every good thing in life over their current situation.
  • This is extremely powerful with today’s mental and emotional wellness. Several years ago, I was given this card by the kindness of an older gentleman, and I broke down crying. I hope my giving these cards helps just one person.
  • I shared You Matter cards with the Grief Support group that I’ve been attending since my husband died. The You Matter cards and message had a powerful effect on everyone! The fact is that you once mattered to this person you were so very close to and who is no longer physically with you, and now you sometimes feel like you don’t matter to anyone. It’s so important to tell people, “You Matter”!

Three Ways to Continue Sharing You Matter Cards

  1. Order more You Matter cards from our store: https://squareup.com/store/minuteman-press-13
  2. Print more You Matter cards here by clicking this link
  3. Download our Digital You Matter card

Please continue posting your You Matter experiences and photos on our website or FB page.


You matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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