Dear YuMMies,

February is Black History Month. Consistent with the You Matter Marathon mission, we stand with the Black community, and all people of color, and support the Black Lives Matter movement as a way to shine a light on racial inequities and injustices.

The You Matter Marathon exists to foster positive connections within and between individuals by encouraging people to see and value the significance of every person they encounter. We believe that the world would be a more peaceful and joyful place if everyone knew that they mattered.

You Matter Moment

“I participate in the You Matter Marathon because it’s a worried world, and these little cards always bring a smile to the receiver.  Handing out my cards brought joy to others and to me.

Yesterday I tucked one in the window of a car that had Black Lives Matter on the back window. I would’ve enjoyed seeing the owner’s face. All the rest of my cards brought warm smiles.

I put one on the work cart at the grocery of a lady who always looks stern and works so diligently filling the bulk foods bins. I’d never seen her smile in the ten years I’ve been saying ‘Hello’ to her.

These really make a difference in lives, no words need be spoken. It gives me a nice warm feeling, like a hug from afar. And I get to give a caring smile to the person with the little card in their hand.”


–Linda, Eugene, OR

Our Heart Matters Story Time

Thank you to those who attended our Story Time on Zoom this week.
We enjoyed hearing your most memorable You Matter moments.
Unable to attend but have an inspiring moment to share? Send us an email.

You matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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