“It’s a win-win situation. I get a lot of satisfaction from participating and the receiver
also feels empowered. I enjoyed doing this and would gladly do it again.”

– YuMMie

Dear YuMMies,

When we see our numbers as impressive as they are – more than 2,000,000 cards given out in 100 countries – It’s easy to think of them as just numbers.

But they’re not just numbers.

They’re a father in Italy giving a card to his daughter on her birthday.
They’re a teacher in Canada giving a card to her second-grade student struggling with his math.
They’re a wife in South Africa giving a card to her husband who was laid off from work.

Not just numbers.
Never just numbers.

People connecting with people with Two Words on One Little Card.

And when you sign up for the Marathon, you become part of a universal effort that touches people all over the world.

Think about that, difference maker, think about that.

You matter.

Cheryl Rice, Founder

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