“Generosity is contagious. Start an epidemic today.”
—Author Unknown

We’re just over one month away from November and the YMM already has 8,937 individuals and 208 ambassador organizations signed up to share the magic! While that’s awesome news, it means for the first time in our history, our supply of free cards is running low.

If you’ve put off ordering your free cards, now is the time!

We have a few hundred card packs left until we reach our limit of 10,000 free packs. At that point we will be charging for cards until we raise enough funds to make them free once more.

Sign up now if you want to get your free 30 card pack of YOU MATTER cards to hand out in 2022.

Don’t wait – when our supply is gone, we will no longer be able to send out free cards.

Help us continue to spread YOU MATTER magic this year and donate today.

You Matter.


Cheryl Rice, Founder

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